Our Team

Coaches & Mentors

Ramon Cuevas

Every great team needs a leader to guide its members. In the case of Team Uni-Rex, that leader is Mr. Cuevas. This will be his fifth year as Sanger High School's robotics head coach as he continues to help students achieve their fullest potential.

Jeraldo Martenez

Having joined Team Uni-Rex back in 2018, this will be his second year on the team. He helps teach the students how to program the robot to complete various tasks.

C-Level & Leads

Alexander Kinsly

When Alex joined back in 2017, he had no idea he'd become the programming lead. Although this is a difficult job to handle, Alex continues to excel at programming. Outside of robotics, Alex enjoys wrestling even though he has never played competitively on an official team.

Joshua A. Gallegos

Joshua joined programming one year ago, making this his second year in robotics. This year he is taking on the task of managing the social media pages and website. Although it might sound easy, it can be quite overwhelming considering the most of this website was originally either outdated or compleatly blank. But he is still excited to be incharge of a brand new department, even if he has no idea what he's doing...

Loralei Ratzlaff

Loralei is currently on her second year of both Robotics and high school. On the team her responsibility is the electric department, and she excited to be able to train her peers to wire the robot. As this year's lead, Loralei is happy to teach anyone what she knows on wiring and cannot wait for the season to start.

Joseph Pharsy

This is Joseph's third year in robotics and first yyear as the fabrication lead. He will be overseeing all prodution in the metal and woodshop areas. Outside of robotics, Joseph like to read classic literature as well as study obscure mythologies.

Other Team Members

Joan Vasquez

 Joan Vasquez is a junior in high school and on his second year in Robotics. On the team he works in the wood shop making the practice course. Off the team he likes to make various types of chili beans. His ultimate goal is to win a spicy chili contest, but he says he still has a lot to improve for that...

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