How We Started


Our team began in 2015 when students were given an opportunity to build a robot for a pre-season competition. This allowed a loose affiliation of nerds to establish our team and work together to gain real world experience.

In 2016, we had our first build season which had us learn from multiple trial and errors. Towards the end of build season we found our way, and were able to build two working robots in six weeks. With determination and dedication the team was able to compete at the World Championships.


We are aided by school coaches and mentors over the span of a six-week build season, students design, build, program, and engineer a robot to perform specific tasks. Along the way, students develop technical skills such as programming, computer aided design, electrical wiring, construction, fabrication, and manufacturing. Team members also learn sportsmanship through “coopertition” – cooperative competition where teams partner with potential challengers to develop an understanding of other teams’ strengths and weaknesses.

FIRST Robotics